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Last night Oskar hurt his arm while he and Brad were play wrestling. We kinda thought he was milking it a bit and trying to get out of going to bed afterwards. But we wrapped his arm up in a bandage and stuff because he wanted us to do something about it and that was that. He was still complaining of a sore arm this morning but was excited about going to kindy and insisted we walk down. A few hours later kindy phoned me up and said they were worried about his arm because he wasn't using it and couldn't put pressure on his hand or twist it and stuff and he should probably see a doctor and maybe get an x-ray. 2 hours after he got home from the x-ray (nothing broken) he unwraps his bandage and announces his arm is better.

What a day.


It's been a very long time since last update.... here's what's been going on...

* Oskar started kindy in August and LOVES it (Mondays and Fridays, 8.30-2.30). He settled in real quick and has made a few good friends. I love the kindy too, the teachers are awesome and it's a great environment, they do heaps of cool stuff with the kids like cooking and dancing and gardening and let them do crazy stuff like climb ladders and jump off stuff.

* Oskar's been out of nappies since the start of October. It's STILL extremely hit and miss. I make him go before we go out somewhere or he goes to bed, other times I've been leaving it up to him and sometimes he'll get himself there when he needs to, other times there's an outfit change involved. But I'm saving so much time not having to wash cloth nappies for him, and so much money not having to buy disposables. Overall it's excellent.

* Vesper's getting bigger and older and stuff... we've been having fun having quality time together when Oskar's at kindy. She's very adventurous and is always getting into everything. She also copies Oskar a lot - she loves sitting on the loo and getting stickers haha. Sometimes she's fiercely independent and wants to do things by herself (like spoon-feed herself, put on shoes etc) other times she's very clingy. I guess that's pretty normal (also she's a gemini hahaha)

* Vesper's molars have (mostly) come through. Her language is slowly developing... she doesn't really have a huge selection of words, but still manages to make her opinions pretty clear. Her vocabulary includes tutu, byebye, daddy, mummy, chips, cat, dog, duck and push. Possibly some others? Hard to tell which things are genuine words and which things she's just parroting, if you know what I mean. Oh, she also says "Dusty" and "Bravo" which are two of Oskar's toy planes.... but she can't/won't say Oskar??

* The other day she saw a picture of Don Draper on the computer and she started saying "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" over and over and then she kissed the computer screen several times. Too funny.

* Several times I have found Vesper outside lying on her belly trying to lick ants up off the ground. I... I don't even know what to think about that, but I feel that's a very important anecdote to remember forever.

* Both kids looooove dancing - they will pirouette on request (sometimes) and Oskar often demands that I "check out" his "sweet moves". I showed Oskar some You Tube break dancing videos once and he promptly tried to do a handstand flip. So... we've been just admiring ballet dancers doing lots of jumping and balancing.

* I threw a Halloween Party for "the kids" but really it was for me. I love costume parties and I grew up reading lots of trashing American books and being sad we didn't get to celebrate Halloween here haha... The party was super fun though, will totally be making it an annual thing I think. I made Vesper a Marie Antoinette costume (although she really needed a wig for it) and Oskar wanted to dress up like his chihuahua best friend.

Here's a bunch of videos you may have missed (especially if you're not on Facebook)

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Vesper 13.5m

* Can say No, Uh-oh and Tutu.
* Says "Dah-ee" for daddy, but also started calling Oskar and me "Dah-ee" too...
* Insists on taking a variety of toys and tutus to bed.
* Dropped her morning nap and is now on one nap a day. Sleeps 12-13hrs at night, hasn't woken up in ages.
* Walking lots now, although focusing more on speed than stability...
* Extremely stubborn and determined, hardly any words but you almost always know exactly what she wants.
* Loves tutus, pink clothes and getting extremely messy (she's ruined so many clothes in our sandpit/waterpit).
* Is a crazy climber. Leave the room for a minute and she'll be up on a table or trying to climb out a window. Wish I was exaggerating.
* Very adventurous - happy to climb and play on playground and gym equipment that Oskar wont go near!

Oskar 3y 1m

* Trying hard to drop his day nap, but I'm determined to keep it going until he goes to kindy! He does still nap for an hour or so most days, and in bed by 6.30pm.
* No progress on toilet training, except if I hear him get out of bed sometime between 5-6am he'll happily sit on the loo and do his business. That's the only time of the day he'll do anything though.
* Enormous chatterbox - it's fascinating to see his language develop. He's hard out about putting "ed" onto the end of words to make them past tense - "I just sayed that", "I put-ed it on", "Did you see what I do-ed?". Terrible grammar, but kinda clever that he's recognised a linguistic thing and is trying to replicate it. Or something.
* Makes unexpected-but-true observations like "when we go to the supermarket we'll see the library out Besba's window and when we go home we will see it out my window" "Grandma and Grandad have a piano downstairs at their house".
* Likes to give commentary on my driving including "I think we're lost" "You didn't stop at the orange light" "Are we going to turn right or left?" "You're not very good at parking". I had a total fail parallel parking experience a few weeks ago and he still brings it up occasionally. (At least my feet touch the pedals, mate.)
* Obsessed with counting and bargaining - "If I eat 2 peas can I have 3 blueberries?" "If I do 3 poos and some wees can I have 5 chocolates?" Luckily you can still trick him by cutting chocolates/strawberries/etc up into smaller pieces so he thinks he's getting X amount of things but really he's just getting 1 cut into X pieces.

Me 28y 9m (haha)
* Lost heaps of weight recently, wasn't trying to or even noticed that I had until I randomly climbed on the scales and saw I'm 44kg, which is even lighter than I was when I was at uni. Crazy. I'm partly weirded out, partly happy, partly "yay now I can eat anything I want" and partly "omg maybe I'm sick". I'm sure it's just because I don't get much chance to eat when the kids are awake and I've been making really healthy choices recently - like, yes I can have some junk food but first I have to eat a carrot stick, but then after the carrot I'm not hungry and craving junk food anymore. Also I've probably lost muscle tone from my extremely sedentary lifestyle of late haha.
* Getting back into sewing, I love it. Feels really good to have a hobby again, like my life doesn't resolve around cleaning up other people's messes anymore but about being creative and artistic and productive occasionally too. I've made Vesper lots of dresses and tutus. Also made myself a new frock and am currently making a new ballgown for a ball we're going to at the end of the month.
* Brad and I are going to a charity ball at the end of the month! Posh as.





Birthdays part 2

Oskar had his birthday... almost 2 weeks ago. Whoops. Here's some pictures from their Casino Royale party and Oskar's actual birthday

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Vesper turned 1 last Tuesday. She had a great day with presents and fancy lunch and cake and such. She took 5 or 6 steps a few days later when one of her little boyfriends was visiting and hasn't done it since then...

On Sunday we had a Viking party for their joint birthday which was cool. Brad, Vesper and I dressed up, Oskar refused to wear his viking hat and waistcoat (which he helped me make and was real excited about - total spoilsport!!). We had lots of Scandinavian food - köttbullar and lingonberry jam, a variety of Swedish and Norwegian biscuits, lollies and chocolate and also viking hat cupcakes which are less than authentic. Oh and a chocolate cake filled with raspberry icecream and topped with blue whipped cream and a longboat. Which looked terrible but tasted amazing. I can make the most delicious tasting cakes but they always look completely spastic...

And on Sunday afternoon we went to Oskar's best friend's birthday party. We've got another joint party for the kids this weekend and then it's Oskar's actual 3rd birthday next Thursday... birthday season!

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* 1 week until Vesper's birthday - she's standing by herself for longer and longer periods of time, and can do things like clap and wave her arms and dance while standing but as soon as she tries to take a step she falls down.

* All 4 of us have had a cold over the last week - kids got it worse with really nasty, phlegmy coughs. I took Vesper to the dr yesterday because she just seemed to be getting worse, not better, and the dr gave her some antibiotics for a possible ear infection (he could only see one ear drum, the other was too waxy - but the one he could see was red and inflamed).

* Stuff Oskar has said recently:

Me: Daddy's just parking the car
Oskar: Well, he's trying

Oskar: What's Danny Boy's mummy called?

Me: And on that farm there was a...
Oskar: Dragon!

And the weirdest thing he's ever, EVER said

Oskar (stroking our cat): Hey, sexy lady
* Vesper's 7th tooth is poking through now.

* Oskar woke up at 5am and did No1 AND No2 in the toilet. He's very excited about his new car, and was dying to tell Brad all about it but he had to wait 4hrs until Brad woke up (we let him sleep in - it's my turn to sleep in tomorrow except it wont be as good since I have to feed Vesper at 6am and 8.30am, plus I can't actually sleep through the kids' noise like Brad can... but at least I don't have to get out of bed at the normal time).

* A few months ago Oskar was supposed to be quietly napping in his room when he started calling out for help - because instead of sleeping he had tried to climb his bookshelf and had got stuck halfway up.

* Vesper's learnt the word "no". Or at least has started copying the sound. So any question you ask her is answered with no. Can't believe we've reached that stage already...

* I took both kids to Gym Jam last Friday - Vesper is totally fearless and confident and tries to climb everything. Crazy girl!

* Oskar walked 3 days before his birthday (walked 1 July, birthday party 2 July, birthday 4 July) - taking bets whether Vesper will beat him! I reckon it's a 50/50 chance. She's really keen to do it, she just hasn't got the balance quite sorted yet (she's really good at standing unassisted though - and she can stand up from sitting without pulling herself up on furniture - took Oskar ages to figure that trick out, way after he actually started walking).

* Oskar drags his "toilet box" all around the house to climb up and reach all sorts of things he shouldn't - I woke up twice the other night and had to go and turn the toilet light off that he'd switched on while we were sleeping...

* Oskar's very good at talking but still says some things in a special Oskar way (but dare you correct him!):

Mail = hail
Eggwood = Edward
Chesko Deloony = Francesco Bernoulli
Fish Tingers = Fish Fingers (love how he can pronounce F in Fish but not F in Finger - special!)
Doobila = Muesli bar
Sukermartet = Supermarket

* When I tuck Oskar into bed I usually ask him what he'd like to do tomorrow - he almost always asks if we can play cars together. 2mins of playing cars makes my brain feel like it's going to explode BUT the fact that he loves playing with me so much that out of any plans we could make for the next day that's the first thing that comes to mind is really, really sweet. He loves having a big talk together before he goes to sleep too, I love hearing the things he comes up with.
* Vesper got 3 teeth last week - she's now got 2 up top and 3 on bottom. I think the next 2 top ones are pretty close too.

* She's starting to take a couple of steps at a time - usually just lunging from one thing to another. Lunged from the coffee table and took 2 steps to me to try and steal my crunchie bar today.

* She loves the Wheels on the Bus. As soon as she hears it she starts dancing - flinging her arms wildly from side to side. I should try and get a video of it, it's a riot.

* Oskar tried to eat sushi with chopsticks today. It was hilarious and adorable and a little sad. I don't think he ate much sushi at all - he took a tiny bite and said "It's very yummy" and then it fell apart and he couldn't eat it because "This one's broken".

* Oskar swings wildly from being the most frustrating little boy in the world to the most adorable - he continues to be extremely defiant and stubborn (other mums in my antenatal group have been complaining of exactly the same thing with their kids) but he is also very affectionate - he's always spontaneously telling me he loves me and giving me hugs. He likes to climb into our bed and spoon me haha. It's very sweet. He's not particularly loyal though - he's always changing his mind who his best friend is.


Vesper's entered that really fun stage where she's into EVERYTHING. Only leave cupboards or drawers open if you want the entire Vesper-reach-able contents strewn across the room. She's also started doing gymnastics while nursing. It's ever so fun to breastfeed with someone else's foot in your ear.

Just sorted through all Vesper's clothes and finally pulled out the 6-9m sizes. It's like having a whole new wardrobe to dress her in, yay! (For the record she'll be 11m old tomorrow)

Speaking of wardrobes I fit into my pre-pregnancy dresses now. Very exciting, except I have given away/sold most of them. But at least I know I can use my old patterns to make some more in the same size. If I ever get money to buy fabric and time to sew it!

People keep asking how my Mother's Day was - Brad got me a day spa voucher which is awesome and I'm really looking forward to using it, but he forgot it was mother's day until I was already out of bed at the usual time and had done the dishes, a load of washing and made Vesper and my porridge for breakfast. Then I did another load of washing and did a bit of sewing before we visited Brad's grandparents, had McDonalds for lunch, re-heated leftover pasta for dinner and finished the day by mopping the floors while Brad took the kids to do the groceries. Then the kids alternated screaming for a couple of hours after Brad got home from band practice. So overall a very average day. I had been really looking forward to a sleep in and maybe a nice breakfast, lunch or dinner and no housework for the day... because that's what Mother's Day is about right? Maybe next year... or when the kids leave home? Sigh. It's really just an over commercialised money-making whatever but I really, really wanted that sleep in.

I will upload some photos soon - they're all on the old computer.